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Friday, April 20, 2007

An oldie but goodie...

Here's a quirky bit of rant for you. My students will recognize this one for sure.

I am at the supermarket with a cranky wife and a crankier nine-month-old. We have just finished filling our shopping cart and now we are standing in line at the check-out lane.

Ben: (Points to the sign above) I can't believe this! Can Wal-Mart really be this dumb?
Laura: What?
Ben: That sign says "Twenty Items or Less!"
Laura: So?
Ben: It should say "Twenty Items or Fewer."
Laura: ...
Ben: The opposite for "more" can be "less" or "fewer." But "less" is reserved for quantities that can't be counted. "Fewer" is used for items that can.
Laura: Only you get worked up about this.
Ben: I'm going to say something about this to the cashier...
Laura: (Sighing) Please don't.

At the cash register
Cashier: Hello. Cute baby.
Laura: Thanks. Say "Hi," Michael.
Michael: Heh!
Ben: Um, your sign should say "Twenty Items or Fewer."
Cashier: Huh?
Laura: Ignore him.

On the way out
Laura: Do you have to embarrass me like that?
Ben: Doesn't it bother you that nobody even cares about that sign.
Laura: (Sweetly) I guess it bothers me fewer than it does you.
Michael: Heh!

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jilledwards said...

You are hilarious! I love your webpage. I'm sure visiting your page will be an excellent way to keep from working.

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